Broadcasters & OTT TV

Connecting broadcasters and OTT TV with their audiences has never been better

Market Factors

Adaptability, scalability, quality delivery and customer satisfaction are what drive the ever-growing Broadcaster and OTT TV market.

With MainStreaming, engage your audience on every device with our powerful network.

Why MainStreaming?
Fastest Delivery and Lowest Latency Deliver high-quality content faster and in the fewest hops. We provide our customers with the perfect solution to stream live, offering the lowest latency on the market while saving your audience from buffering issues.
Broadcast Quality Performance Quality is key when it comes to video and audio. Our service guarantees Broadcasters and OTT providers the quality they need when streaming all live events and on-demand content.
Strength and
With MainStreaming, no matter how large your audience is, they will be able to see the same content, at the same time and with the same quality.
Just Stream It

Guarantee the performance and audience experience you want and need to deliver. Let your viewers be your best sponsor, deliver quality and reach every connected device with the right technology. Broaden your capabilities with MainStreaming Media Manager and Delivery Network built for Broadcasters and OTT TV.