Fast and seamless, in the blink of an eye

MainStreaming is the ideal partner when it comes to encoding your content in real-time into any format you need, keeping it safe and secure.
High-Performance Computing

Any Given Format

Our encoding technology is compatible with all formats and protocols for on-demand content such as, HLS, MPEG-DASH, WebRTC and HSS, with adaptive bitrate stream (ABR) proficiency and support for repacketization and progressive downloading, enabling your content to be encoded faster than ever before.

Make Your Content Available, Now

Having access to an ultra-fast encoding solution is essential for every company involved in media, entertainment and publishing. Sports and news content especially need to be processed rapidly and with our innovative encoding technology, we enable you to have the quickest workflow and the shortest time to publication, keeping your audience engaged with your content in real-time.

Fasten Your Video

Can a 60-minute video at high resolution be encoded in less than 2 minutes? We've compared MainStreaming's Ultra-Fast Encoding to Amazon's AWS Elastic Transcoder and the answer is yes. With an output in 5 different formats, we proved that we are 15X faster than Amazon. Too good to be true? Try it, we'll make sure that it is safely and rapidly encoded to stream flawlessly across all devices.