Enterprise Companies

Keep your internal streams flowing

Optimize Your Corporate Content
Enterprise companies need to distribute content to their internal audience, which is why integrating a CDN solution to an existing workflow that can guarantee full control over internal streaming processes with safe, secure and scalable delivery is important.

The obvious solution? MainStreaming and its dedicated enterprise services.

Why MainStreaming?
Security & Protection MainStreaming is designed, developed and managed in house, utilizing the latest security protocols and standards when processing and delivering any type of content, all in compliance with ISO 27001 International Security Standard and other security features to keep your content safe.
High-Performance Our intelligent delivery algorithm and patented technology enhances your company's quality of experience with up-to-date hardware integration, proprietary load balancing, request routing algorithm and disaster recovery system. Of course, all with Zero Impact and downtime.
Network Impact We adapt to your traffic needs. Our QoS bandwidth management enables you to control traffic flows on your network so it doesn't interfere with what you already have in place. Set your rules & preferences, and let MainStreaming do the rest.
Get Control

MainStreaming's full stack media delivery service scales with your company needs and provides you the necessary dedicated support to secure and manage your network streams while maintaining a technology that is 15X more efficient than its competitors.