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Incredible Growth
Esports and gaming are expected to grow rapidly, reaching a market value of $2.1 billion and $137 billion respectively, but there are still issues that need to be resolved if these industries are to level up. MainStreaming is able to provide the perfect solution to ensure your audience doesn't miss a thing.
Why MainStreaming?
Successful Contribution Trusted and successful contribution that guarantees a 100% origin request success rate among people that play and stream your content. MainStreaming's smart origin avoids congestion, making the acquisition process smooth.
Our proprietary high-performance network and computing provides gaming companies with the most innovative architecture and technology, enabling them to guarantee the best player experience for their gamers and audience.
Real-Time Live Streaming An intelligent system that enables you to stream content in real-time, with the highest throughput and no cache needed. Engage fans and players like never before and improve the way they stream and watch live video.
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Keeping games up and running for players across the world or audiences engaged with their favorite live streamer, MainStreaming's seamless platform and delivery network covers every aspect of your workflow to make it happen. Our technology makes any interactive experience unique while serving gaming companies with the right settings to keep their entertainment under Ctrl.