Online Media & Publishing

Boost your audience experience and keep them engaged around the clock

A Video is Worth 1.8 Million Words

All too often, publishers and online media outlets are not able to fully adapt to new market needs such as repacketization, quality delivery and solutions. These need to integrate quickly and smoothly with new business workflows.

MainStreaming's advanced network capabilities are the answer.

Why MainStreaming?
Deliver high-quality multi-media content to your audience keeping them engaged and desiring more. All is possible with our solution for quality delivery.
Have viewers play your content anytime, anywhere and in any format. Whether via desktop, tablet or smartphone, every device will stream your content perfectly.
Integrable and Cost Effective Keep your existing workflow, as our advanced platform and network are integrable with multiple technologies, keeping your streaming workflow cost effective and viewer oriented.
Empower Your Audience

Increase and give your users the power to experience video and audio content in an unprecedent way, transforming quality into the main driver of your content strategy. All thanks to MainStreaming's Media Manager and Global Delivery Network, specifically designed for online media and publishers.